From the basics for bedding and bath to the furnishings, we focus on CLEAN DESIGN protocols - guiding consumers that are eco-friendly, hypoallergenic, sustainable and non-toxic. We hope you enjoy your box delivery as much as we enjoy sending it to you. Items are shipped direct from our warehouse, which limits extra "touches" before an item comes to your residence.


Our founder wrote the book, CLEAN DESIGN: Wellness for your Lifestyle. Says our founder, "I developed four principles for CLEAN DESIGN HOME™, a protocol focused on hypoallergenic, sustainable, eco-friendly and wellness for a healthier lifestyle. These principles exist because I am a lifelong allergy and asthma sufferer and believe that eliminating and managing allergic triggers will change your home environment. Most people see amazing results: fewer allergy symptoms and asthma triggers lead to easier breathing and wellness."

Yes, our CLEAN DESIGN HOME™ brand is sold to both residential and hospitality clients.

B2C. We furnish your space in the following rooms: living, dining, kitchen, bath, nursery, home office and bedroom.

B2B. Our hospitality clients ask for procurement in bedding/bath textiles, case goods, lighting and outdoor furniture.

Everyone has different allergic triggers, so we can only give information about product manufacturing such as 'down alternative' or 'soy candles with essential oils'. We will provide as much information as we can so that you can make a good purchase choice.


Due to COVID-19, no returns are allowed for linens, towels or products that are bedding, bath or kitchen-related.

Each issue will be discussed with the customer to find a solution such as a replacement or limited refund, less restocking fee - for those items that are allowed to be returned, such as a decorative shelf or mantle object.

Any return that will be accepted must be made in new condition with original packaging and any shipping is paid by customer who is returning item.


Your home is supposed to be a sanctuary, but many products can add toxins to our environment and your ecosystem. At CLEAN DESIGN HOME™ our team sources and has created our own products that are minimalist in design and impact positive to your health. Our products do not contain added urea formaldehyde, phthalates or toxic adhesives which can add to the chemical load in your living or work space. We also provide information to help you maintain wellness.

Eco-conscious from the foundation to the furnishings is our core mission at CLEAN DESIGN HOME™. We recognize that protecting the global environment requires good sourcing, ingredients, packaging and holistic decisions about our product mix and recycled or no-waste packaging. For example, some of our wood product options use sustainable cork, teak, bamboo, and vintage woods. Other products up-cycle steel, aluminum, glass and metals. Our focus is guided by our commitment to the Earth and ALL humans.

When a product has passed screening and is about to be added our site, our founder asks the best question: would anyone allow a baby's skin next to this product? CLEAN DESIGN HOME™ is the highly selective brand that will exclude items linked to skin irritations, hormone disruption and known health issues. Solutions for healthy, hypo-allergenic lifestyles.

Yes. CLEAN DESIGN HOME™ is a brand focused on hypoallergenic options, developed and created by designer Robin Wilson who brings her focus on wellness, chic style and sustainable options to offer high quality, unique merchandise to a discerning consumer. She suffers from lifelong allergies and asthma and is considered an expert in this sector as the author of the #1 Amazon book, Clean Design: Wellness for your Lifestyle.